The podcast I listen to

Along with my watchlist I also listen a lot of podcasts to keep me posted about different subjects and learn new things. Usually there are two main categories which I listen to : Technical podcast and Entrepreneurship. Here with the list of the podcast I listen weekly mostly why I’m in the train to go to work :

Technical Podcasts

  • Arrested Devops (English): Interview and debates about DevOps culture, it goes from technical aspect to broader topics such at Risk Management or handling motivation of the team. Last episodes were recorded at live events and open discussion and really gives a warm atmosphere with great hosts.
  • AWS Podcast (English): Since I use Amazon AWS services daily I like to follow this podcast. It begans only presenting the news in AWS ecosystem and service, and moved on to interview and now they do interviews with startups to see how they technically went with the growth of the company or the challenges they faced.
  • Coding Blocks (English): I love this show, three guys talking about a main topics with a news section, such a warm atmosphere. You can relate immediately to what they say privately or professionally. They also built a great community on Slack really active. I love their last trend to review popular books and debate about some chapter : Clean Code, Domain Driven Design and so on . Even if the content is quite heavy they make it fun ! The show is quite long but I always enjoy it, the trio of hosts is well balanced and always lively !
  • Talk Python to me (English): Clearly the reference regarding Python. There are frequents releases of new episodes and a huge pool of back catalog on various themes and interviews. I feel the quality varies between episodes but it’s mainly related to my interest into each topic presented.
  • The Cynical Developer (English): Podcast mostly alone but some interviews, talking about technical and sometimes self-improvement topics for developers. Always a lot of different subject, it s great for watch and discover new things.
  • Developer Tea (English): Quite light format about various topics. Less technical and more lifestyle , ways of learning and self improvements. It’s an easy listen, I wish he would deep dive a bit more on subjects sometimes. He’s mostly doing shows alone but have some interviews too.
  • New Rustacean (English) : A great podcast about a language I came to love : Rust. He presents challenges and interviews about the language. It’s really nice to listen to in parallel with your experiments on the language and the interviews about key developers of the language are a fun hear.
  • The Secure Developer (English): Currently around 25 episodes, this podcast is quite irregular in its releases but touch on some very interesting theme and problematics around security and how to improve it in a world of cloud and automation.
  • No Limit Secu (French) : Last but not least, the best french podcast about security. Full of people I ve met I like to listen to it to keep me posted about the french security ecosystem and security technical news and events. Always a pleasure to listen to, full of humor and bright comments 😉

Entrepreneurship Podcasts

  • Disrupting Japan (English) : Since I live in Japan this is great podcast to discover the local scene of startups. Always great interviews, great insights about the rather particular ecosystem that is Japan in terms of business and evolution. Talks about culture differences and state of mind, I feel this podcast is almost a MUST if you want to do business here.
  • Hack the Entrepreneur (English) : Podcast about entrepreneurship, great interviews, a big value on the long term because the questions often have a common starting point and from there you can see how every story is different and how which success had been built.
  • Smart Passive Income (English) : Almost a reference now, Pat Flynn helps you building your Smart passive income business through interviews, videos, feedback podcasts. The amount of content he is producing is insane and it becomes hard to categorize him. Of course the main is still interviews about successful entrepreneurs, but there is so much more. He teaches you about podcast, personal struggles, his own revenue streams and so on. He has another show Ask Pat when he answers directly listeners questions and also launched a video channel on Youtube
  • The Tim Ferriss Show (English) : Do I still need to present Tim Ferriss ? World influencer, author of the 4 hour workweek, 4 hour body, tools of titans. In his podcast he deconstruct world performers strategies and tips. Not only business but also sportmen, actors, performers, the variety is pretty impressive and the interviews are really well driven. No script, they can talk about anything from business to private struggles. Tim keeps it cool and sometimes do crazy episode, it’s always fun to listen to and you’ll always get value out of it.
  • Tropical MBA (English) : Podcast about remote independent businesses, talk varies from business obviously oriented on remote independent ways, tips about travelling, living abroad, tackling problems remotely, self-improvement, and lifestyle.
  • Youpreneur FM (English) : Great podcast about entrepreneurship mainly focused on location independent business but you can actually listen to it for regular business too. The host is always on his best mood and energetic. Great content of interviews and the archives are a gold mine for businesses in lot of different sectors to help you start and grow right !

And you what do you listen to ? Don’t hesitate to comment and give me feedback about podcasts you like !

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